Whilst we are not a “bookshop” from time to time we acquire copies of books which we think will be of interest to our customers, and display them in our shop. We are adding a few to our web site but of course it is important to remember that, especially in the case of second hand books, we usually only have one copy of each. In the description of a book, any opinion as to the value of the content is purely my own. However, after some 50 odd years of collecting naval books I hope this has some value. Most of the descriptions will be positive only because if I did not like the book, I would not have bought it. Many of the second hand books are from the long defunct Ian Allen series, and this is because they supply most of the information needed by wargamers. However it is important to remember that prices for these vary greatly. The description of the condition of a book is again my own opinion, but I hope I have been honest and described each book accurately, but of course every one has their own idea of “poor”, “good” etc.
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