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GERMAN WARSHIPS 1815-1945 Part 1
Code - BKN1
Description - GERMAN WARSHIPS 1815-1945 VOLUME 1. Major Surface Vessels. By Erich Gröner. Revised and expanded by Dieter Jung and Martin Maass. English language edition published 1990. This book is a result of a lifetimes work by the late Erich Gröner and his team of friends. This volume covers everything from Capital ships to fast escort vessels, including vessels taken over from other nations during the war. As well as details about each ship the book has a vast number of beautiful drawings of all of the major vessels and most of the smaller ones, starting with the Stralsund of 1817, going right up to the monster H44. The drawings, apart from a few of the very small ships are to a scale of 1/1250. There are no photographs. Complete with dustcover. Size 12” x 10” 250 pages. New.